Hello CORALUN Community! Wether you've been with us since the 1962 mobile boutique, romping around the streets of Colorado Springs, or our humble brick and mortar beginnings in the quaint 245 sq ft shop, we are happy to have you in our latest, greatest space located at 330 N Nevada, downtown Colorado Springs. Welcome to the family if you are new, and if you are an old friend, thank you for your continuous support.

CORALUN specializes in "functional vintage". This means, vintage items that could be worn every day around town, from the office to the grocery store, from class to the bars. These items are picked and inspected to be 1) adorable 2) rare 3) in the best quality, without stains, rips, tares or missing buttons 4) stylish and trendy.

Please come on by our boutique and check out our ever changing, curated daily collection of vintage and vintage inspired goods.

Open TUesday-Sat 12-5PM/ closed sunday and monday to re-stock inventory

Check facebook or instagram for hours.


Here is an excerpt from our 2014 website:

Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique is a mobile boutique in Colorado Springs, CO. This store on wheels was the brain works of creator Lauren Salant 10 years ago and now in the Summer of 2014 becomes a reality.  For those of you looking to break free from the over processed, under constructed clothes of the shopping malls and want something unique and vintage then this is the place for you. No longer will you have to wonder if someone else is going to be wearing that same cocktail dress at the party tonight. These hand picked vintage items range from 1940's to 1990's attire, and have been curated from all over the world. 

Why vintage?

Vintage clothing was made with details, buttons and flourishes of extreme expertise and detail than you will not find in todays clothing stores. The patterns, textures and stitching are all made to last through the years. 

Buying vintage helps the environment. 

One of the best ways you can help lower your carbon footprint is to buy vintage. Buying "new" has a negative impact on our world through harmful emissions, sweatshop labor, as well as outsourcing to larger corporate based communities. When you buy vintage you are recycling. Your carbon footprint will thank you for it.

Vintage means quality.

Buying new means buying mass produced clothes. It's all in the details, and in each of these curated items you will see that quality surpasses quantity. Please take the time to look through each item to find the one that best represents your unique timeless style.

Vintage is an investment in your fashion.

Vintage clothing retains it's value. The moment you take the price tag off anything else it immediately is worth less. With Vintage there is a collectible market of buyers and sellers and so their value raises over time. Vintage is money well spent.

Keeping it Local.

When you purchase anything from Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique you are helping a local business. Helping a local business means you are helping individual business owners in the community who then help local charities, schools and other community events. Local shops create distinctive shopping experiences that are based on what the community wants and needs. You are a much more valued customer at a local shop and the standard of service will be much greater than at a corporate business.



Hey Thrift Junkies, I am Lauren. I moved to Colorado Springs and immediately knew that this is where I would start my business. This amazing community seemed like the best place to set up some roots and get this business growing. I have lived all over the country and world collecting vintage pieces for my shop. From Missouri to California all the way over to Greece, Italy and Spain I have been ravaging thrift stores, estate sales, rummage piles, and clothing swaps to find the most unique vintage pieces to add to my collection. I am honored to set up shop here and get to share my ever expanding collection with you. Not only do I have vintage male and female clothing but also goods and accessories. I also would like to showcase some of the most talented jewelry makers, crafters, artists and vintage inspired goods and wares from the local community. Please come by and check out the shop.