Inside the Collectors Closet

Saturday's are always an exciting day for Thrift Junkie Vintage Boutique. It's a day of exploring the community I live in. Checking out farmers markets and estate sales. Sometimes the avenues can be explored on my bicycle and other days in old trusty, my Nissan Frontier Truck so lovingly named River Joaquin Phoenix ( because who can chose their favorite of those two?) 

As a collector you will start to notice that there is limited space for all of your amazing items and so organization is key. Thanks to amazing websites like Pinterest you can easily get ideas of how to organize your vintage finds in a beautiful manner. Today I am showing you a sneak into my own tiny bedroom that holds some of my most beloved finds. Enjoy! 

After living by the ocean for a few years, my stone and shell collection can get overwhelming. 

Necklaces can be color coordinated and placed together by "like" items.

These are just layered necklaces held up by push pins in a row.

The rings would be beautiful to display, but who has that kind of space? Instead I went to Micheals and purchased a little wooden box that I hand painted with acrylic paint.

Fits in perfectly!

Bracelets can easily be hidden away in an old vintage center storage foot rest.

These are just a few helpful hints how to creatively organize your collections instead of overwhelming yourself with all of your amazing vintage finds.