CORALUN VINTAGE grew from the original boutique, Thrift Junkie Vintage, in Colorado Springs, CO. After years of operating the shop under the name Thrift Junkie, the owner recognized that while she grew, so did the shop. Much like a child, who is inspired by it’s surroundings and peers, Thrift Junkie had grown into it’s current space CORALUN VINTAGE. The clothing is curated by the owner, Lauren Abbott. Each week she meticulously curates based on the south west bohemian feel of the shops Colorado roots. Finding Textiles, prints, textures, and colors that emulate the Colorado landscape. 



Within the shops quaint 450 sq feet lies the studio space for CORALUN HANDMADE, where the owner, Lauren Abbott creates her one of a kind southwest inspired handmade jewelry line. Each piece crafted by hand in the in shop studio focussing on small batch wearable art designs that come from her natural surroundings. Each piece is crafted using local Colorado sourced natural gemstones.


Each piece is crafted using the ancient art of metal smithing and wire wrapping in the small in shop studio.


Each piece uses natural gemstones purchased locally in Colorado at various shops, and gem and mineral shows.


Using natural healing stones like amethyst, lapis, aventurine, labradorite, quartz, turquoise, coral, and agate.

Small Batch

Each piece is created in small batches, to increase the creative process and the design elements to stay fresh.



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Coralun vintage, formerly Thrift Junkie Vintage, got started a decade ago while living in the redwoods of Northern California. The community of Humboldt County California is inspiring, filled with nature, art, and magic. The people who chose to live 5 hours into the redwood triangle, live there to be surrounded by nature, and away from any modern cities. They fully supported small business and the community even picketed a Walmart moving in. That’s what gave me the idea to start the shop small, knowing it would be supported by the creative, innovative people who lived there. I purchased a vintage olive green suitcase at an estate sale and painted the outside with my logo and fabric scraps. My little mobile shop called Thrift Junkie Vintage had begun. Filled with jewelry I had made, vintage coffee mugs and scarves I picked up at thrift stores along the PNW.

After a year, I moved to Greece to live with two of my closest friends from Arcata. We started a band in Pogonia, played in the streets of Lafkada and continued making jewelry from sea glass, shells and other natural elements I found along the Greek countryside. I sold to a local gift shop in Paleros and watched my jewelry line take off. As I backpacked around Italy and Spain, I visited as many small businesses as possible, asking questions along the way. What was most inspiring was that a majority of the European businesses were in 500 sq ft shops and smaller. This was very unlike the American dream of a large 1500 sq ft space. When I asked if they wanted to expand I was always given the same response. “If you expand much larger you lose the sense of community and no longer know the people who support you.” This was a revolutionary moment in my storefront dream, and one of the largest turning points for my passion to move forward.

When I moved back stateside, I found home in Manitou Springs, CO. This quaint mountain town at the base of, “America’s Mountain”, Pikes Peak, served as the home for the future store. I purchased a 1962 hunting camper up in Denver, a Nissan Frontier pick up truck and hand-painted the exterior of the camper in my backyard. I alongside my husband put in dry erase board walls, a dressing room, and wood floors. Thrift Junkie Vintage Mobile drove around Colorado Springs CO to Farm and Art Markets, First Friday events, Pop Up Markets and house parties.

After a year, I rented a 250 sq ft shop downtown in an old motel turned apartment building. My shop was the original office for the 1940s motel. After that year the shop blossomed to my current 450 sq ft location downtown Colorado Springs. Since the shop started in an old suitcase then 12 x 7 camper, I had grown talent for creating storefronts in small spaces. After a decade, the shop grew and evolved and so did the name. In January of 2019, the name changed from Thrift Junkie Vintage to CORALUN Vintage. The name comes from the two major loves of my life (outside of my incredibly supportive husband Nick and my family) CORA is the name of our beloved dog who greets visitors in the shop every day, and LUN from Luna, the moon. Adding the natural element also added gemstones and other new-age pieces to the vintage and secondhand clothes and accessories that already filled the shop. The re/brand also made me refocus the shop from a storefront to a studio for me to work on my jewelry line, CORALUN Handmade. Every day, I create new pieces for my jewelry line as well as bespoke pieces for people in my community


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